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December 11 - Summit Series: Leverage Reports to Solve Problems:
Learn how to use the suite of eMoney's cash flow reports to diagnose and troubleshoot issues within your clients' financial plans.

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December 18 - Summit Series: Deepen Your Client Relationships:
Your clients will choose you and continue to choose you if the client experience meets their needs. In this session we will show you how simple it can be to build impactful relationships with your clients by customizing and promoting use of our client tools.

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January 8 - Summit Series: Catch Up with eMoney:
In case you missed any product releases or updates last year, we want to get you all caught up. Join us for an introduction (or re-introduction) to Foundational Planning and other significant eMoney releases from the past twelve months.

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January 15 - Summit Series: Ensure the Accuracy of Tax Projections:
Take an in-depth look at how taxes are handled within eMoney. This session will cover your customization options and how we incorporate new tax laws into the platform. 

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January 22 - Your eMoney Planning Toolbox:
Have you ever struggled to know which planning tool to use with your clients? In this session, we'll build scenarios using sample clients to determine which eMoney tools are best suited for various clients. 

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January 29 - Client Portal Initial Steps:
Show the initial steps for onboarding a new client, how we can easily and efficiently enter data using an advisor connections and transitioning to the Client Portal onboarding and overview. 

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