2020 eMoney Summit Sessions

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Important Note: Due to CFP® Board requirements continuing education credits for the 2020 eMoney Summit must be submitted in whole credit hours. This means, when selecting .5 credit hours sessions you must pair two together to receive a continuing education credit.

General Sessions

Power to the Plan, Ed O'Brien and Matt Schulte

eMoney leadership will share new research and insights on the trends that have taken over the wealth management space and how planning will continue to be the driving force for change in our industry.

  • CEO Ed O’Brien will reflect on how the unplanned events of 2020 reinforce the power and value of planning.
  • Head of Financial Planning Matt Schulte will share new research that identifies emerging trends in the advice industry and explain how they will impact the role of the advisor.

eMoney Product Vision, Jess Liberi

Product strategy at eMoney is built on logic and creativity and propelled through innovation. Head of Product, Jess Liberi, will share our roadmap, which is inspired by your feedback and focused on building solutions to deliver that exceptional client experience.


Leading With Heart, Cynthia Marshall

During this session, Cynthia Marshall will talk about her life and role as SVP of HR and Chief Diversity Officer at AT&T, her move to CEO of the Dallas Mavericks, her strategy for values-based leadership, and why putting people first matters the most. She’ll also share the difference between diversity and inclusion and why both are important for success, and why HR is the heart of any organization. Cynthia’s vibrant attitude and enthusiasm for her job is contagious, and she’ll have you dancing by the time the 45 minutes are up.


The Gen-Savvy Financial Advisor, Cam Marston

For decades, financial services professionals have focused on demographic groups that are now moving into and past retirement. The Matures (born 1945 and prior) and the Baby Boomers (born 1946 – 1964) are the generations that the financial services industry grew up with and their client relationships were defined by traditional business models. Now, new generations who have different economic and cultural experiences are moving into age ranges that make them prime markets for investments, retirement planning, insurance, and other financial products.

Cam Marston understands the attitudes and expectations of the upcoming generations and what they expect from financial services providers. He knows how they buy, how they value different types of information, what their definition of “expert” is, how they apply it to financial professionals and what they want financial professionals to teach them. He understands their preferred methods of communications, which sales tools to use and how to use them effectively.

The next generation of financial services client has arrived. They will not tolerate being treated the same way their parents were treated. Learn what they want in this exciting and impactful presentation.


Givers Take All: Creating a Culture of Generosity, Adam Grant

Culture is a key component of success, but many leaders struggle in managing the cultures of their teams and organizations.

Based on a decade of research and consulting with Fortune 500 companies—including recent projects at JetBlue, Goldman Sachs, Teach For America, and Warby Parker—Adam Grant argues that the highest-performing organizations are the ones that embrace an ethos of knowledge sharing, helping, and mentoring. “The greatest untapped source of motivation is a sense of service to others; focusing on the contribution of our work to other people’s lives has the potential to make us more productive than thinking about helping ourselves,” he maintains.

In his New York Times best-selling book, Give and Take, Grant examines the way interpersonal behavior in the workplace can lead to success, depending on whether you’re a “giver” (generous, helpful), a “taker” (a me-first, dog-eat-dog type), or a “matcher” (trades favors evenly, quid pro quo).

“Givers succeed in a way that creates a ripple effect, enhancing the success of people around them,” he writes. “Giver success creates value, instead of just claiming it.”

In this dynamic presentation, Grant outlines the key strategies for building a culture of productive generosity. He urges companies to reward givers and get rid of takers, by making their reputation known to them and challenging them to new behavior. He also shares how leaders and organizations can improve practices around selection and hiring, recognition and rewards, and collaboration and coordination—to boost revenue, efficiency, and satisfaction.


Panel: Power to the Plan, Matt Schulte

Join this panel of thought leaders to learn about holistic planning and the role it has in this industry today and in the future. Attendees will walk away with insights and perspectives on how technology, processes, and business efficiencies are evolving and powering financial plans to not only meet, but exceed investor needs while uncovering new business opportunities.


A message from Abby Johnson, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Fidelity Investments

Abby pops into Summit to share her thoughts on Fidelity's investment in eMoney, the current state of the industry, and the increasing importance of planning.




Beginner Track

CFP Board Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct (2 Credits)

In need of CFP Board approved Ethics CE credit? This program has been designed to educate CFP® professionals on CFP Board's new Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct, effective October 1, 2019.


Discover How a Holistic Financial Planning Approach Can Transform Your Client Relationships (.5 Credit)

Understanding your client’s complete financial life and having the right conversations can move them toward achieving their personal and professional goals. And the map to guide them on that path is a financial plan. The creation of a holistic financial plan takes a client’s financial goals and milestones into consideration. Join Matt Rogers, Manager of Financial Planning at eMoney to see how a well-integrated technology platform can position you to deliver financial advice and provide a truly holistic experience across your client's entire life. When advisors possess the right tool for every situation, financial planning can more easily take its rightful place at the center of the advisor-client relationship.


eMoney's Simple Planning Workflow (.5 Credit)

Learn the basics of building a financial plan in eMoney through an instructor-led case study.


Engage and Excite with the Client Site (.5 Credit)

Generate excitement and engagement as we show you a simple strategy to roll out the eMoney Client Site to your clients and keep them coming back for more!


Here's What We've Been Up To: eMoney Updates and Improvement (.5 Credit)

Join us for an update on what eMoney has been working on in the past year; we will show off our new features as well as the improvements we made to ones you already love. 


Human Hacking and Securing Passwords (.5 Credit)

Social engineering, also known as “human hacking”, is a very common threat that exploits human error to obtain personal data and access to confidential information. In this session, we will identify key principles and techniques of modern-day social engineering and also discuss best practices for password management. With understanding and awareness, individuals can protect themselves and their businesses.


Lead with Goals-Based Planning in eMoney (.5 Credit)

Learn how eMoney's Foundational Planning can help power your efforts to deliver more plans to more clients with streamlined workflows via an end to end planning experience. 


Local Marketing: How Financial Advisors Can Use Digital Marketing to Reach New Clients

Websites, social media, and maps--oh my!

Don’t be scared of all the ways clients can connect with and find you in today’s digital world. After all, making sure your business can be found digitally is the first step in building lifelong client relationships.


Social Media 101

Advisors need to reach today’s consumers and prospects where they are–online. Val Rivera, eMoney Senior Product Marketing Manager, and Joe Kozeniewski, eMoney Demand Generation Strategist will discuss building a captivating social media strategy, choosing content, automating tasks, and increasing your audience. Learn how an engaging and active social media strategy can grow your revenue and take your business to the next level.


Study Hall: eMoney Efficiencies (.5 Credit)

Looking for some tips and tricks for using eMoney more efficiently and effectively? From gathering and entering client data to building and delivering comprehensive financial plans, this session will help you harness the power of eMoney through small wins for you, resulting in big wins for your clients.


Values-Based Financial Planning™; The Art of Building High-Trust Client Relationships

Guest Speaker: Bill Bachrach, Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker, author of Values-Based Financial Planning, and creator of the AdvisorRoadmap Virtual Training Platform

Do you have clients who do some of their business with you, but not all of it? Do you have clients who do transactions with you, but not comprehensive planning? Do you have clients who have some of their assets under your management, but have more money elsewhere...maybe a lot more? Do you have clients who follow some of your advice, but don't follow all of your advice? Do you have clients who only implement part of what’s available on the eMoney platform or don’t link all of their accounts? Do you have clients who know lots of people they could be referring you to, but they aren’t?

In this session with well-known industry thought-leader, Bill Bachrach, he will unpack a few simple ideas that will help you build the kind of high-trust relationships with prospects and clients so more of them engage you in a full eMoney implementation.


Advanced Track

Bring New Life to Your Estate Planning (.5 Credit)

Learn how Estate Planning in eMoney helps you create simple flow charts for every client in your book, and how to model the distribution of complex tax efficient estates.


Complex Retirement Planning (.5 Credit)

Learn how to efficiently build complex retirement plans in eMoney, and how to present them to your clients in a way that's interactive and easy to understand.


Full Spectrum Financial Planning in eMoney (.5 Credit)

Join us as we explore the full suite of eMoney planning offerings to take a client through a holistic financial plan. 


Income Taxes in eMoney (.5 Credit)

Tax laws are constantly updating which means eMoney is, too. We'll walk you through how to ensure that your clients' tax projections are accurate and up to date.


Increase Your Client's Probability of Success Through Monte Carlo (.5 Credit)

Don't gamble with your client's future. This session will help you understand the inputs, outputs, and assumptions of the eMoney Monte Carlo simulation.


Mind the Gap! Cover your Clients' Insurance Needs (.5 Credit)

Create Scenarios and use What-Ifs to show your clients they are properly insured forall of life's unexpected twists and turns. 


Solve Problems with eMoney's Reports (.5 Credit)

Reports are a great way to discover opportunities and diagnose problems. We'll teach you how to use our favorite troubleshooting reports to make sure that you and your clients are on the right track.


Study Hall: How to Solve Advanced Planning Challenges with eMoney (.5 Credit)

Advanced planning can create unique challenges for advisors. Join this session as we model some of the challenges we've helped guide advisors through over the past several years and show you how to best solve for them.


Fidelity Investments - The State of the Market 

This session will explore the consequences of recent economic and geopolitical global trends. The audience will be taken on a tour of the U.S. and global capital markets by reviewing the dominant strategic and tactical forces affecting equities, interest rates, currencies and commodities.


Fidelity Investments - How to Help Boost Your Business with a Fee-Based Model

This session will outline for advisors the potential benefits of moving to a fee-based business, featuring:

  • Frameworks and best practices for defining new business models
  • Guidance on how to transition clients
  • Insights and case studies from Fidelity's research


Panel Discussions

FinLit for Underserved Markets (1 Credit)

A better financial education is critical for all markets - particularly underserved markets. How are you driving change? Join this panel of advisors using unique and creative channels to educate underserved markets, and you'll leave with fresh perspectives and resources on how you can make an impact today.

How Are You Guiding Clients Through Market Volatility? (1 Credit)

Navigating market volatility and client emotions can be difficult. This session is designed to give you best practices from your peers around model recommendations and how to talk to your clients when dealing with the ups and downs of the current market. We will chat with some fellow advisors and planners to learn what powers their strategies.


Engaging Across the Generations with Holistic Financial Planning (1 Credit)

Are you looking to expand your client base organically, perhaps through the relationships of your clients? In this session, you will learn about the steps other firms use to create successful relationships that bridge the gaps between generations, and how holistic financial planning is paramount in addressing their needs. Join us as we sit by the "fire" and have a conversation.


Women and Wealth Management, Powered by Female Advisor Network (1 Credit)

Join this panel of passionate advisors dedicated to empowering other women. Learn how they are advancing their businesses by serving women investors and how you can, too.



Sponsor Breakouts

Fidelity Investments - COVID-19: Insights Beyond the Curve

COVID-19 has changed the world as we know it, creating uncertainty across global markets, the economy, and workforces. Recent Fidelity research focused on making sense of the pandemic and what it could mean for our customers and clients today and always, seeking to identify opportunities and potential threats to help them be prepared for whatever is coming.

During this session, we will cover:

  • Impact of the pandemic on total well-being, including health, finances, work, and personal life,
  • Companies’ growing focus on embracing the “S” in ESG,
  • Disruption to health care models with the rapid introduction of technology,
  • Economic hardships manifesting into savings roadblocks and uncertain futures,
  • And the regulatory implications of monetary relief for U.S. workers and businesses.

Fidelity Investments - Navigating the Decade of Generational Wealth

The boomer generation is bringing society and our industry to a tipping point and there is data to prove it. This session gives eight strategic imperatives as a call for advisors and advisory firms to rethink the boomer generational transition. There is an opportunity during this decade to differentiate your client engagement and grow your future business through new generational family conversations.

Allianz Life - Guiding Clients Through Retirement by Leveraging eMoney and Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America (Allianz) and Allianz Life Insurance Company of New York (Allianz Life of NY)

Through your relationship with your clients, you have a good idea of what their retirement needs look like. As part of a broad financial plan, an annuity can help clients pursue financial stability in retirement, and provide the potential for better client outcomes. This is your opportunity to help calm their fears with a plan that takes their financial picture into account.


Black Diamond Wealth Platform - Surpass Client Expectations by Leveraging Technology and Building Trust

Now more than ever, time is a valuable commodity. You want to maximize efficiency and your clients want communications that are relevant, meaningful and reassuring.
By leveraging the right technology you have the power to help strengthen the client experience and build trust through lasting client relationships. In this session, leadership from the award-winning Black Diamond® Wealth Platform will share how you can deliver a transformative advisor-client experience that surpasses growing client expectations without adding operational costs. During this session, you will learn how you can:

  • Build trust from day one
  • Streamline onboarding
  • Cultivate your client’s financial picture; past, present, and future
  • Establish continuity between in-person and digital engagements

BNY Mellon | Pershing - Leverage Digital Methods of Engagement and Service for a Better Client Experience

The year 2020 has been a catalyst for wealth management firms to reimagine their digital transformations. Now more than ever, firms are focused on turbocharging their digital offerings in order to enhance collaboration and communication between advisors and their clients for an increasingly virtual environment. Join the session to learn more.


Charles Schwab - Streamlined Operations with Schwab Digital Tools

Please join us to learn about Schwab’s technology strategy and our integrations with eMoney. We’ll also cover how your firm can use digital actions to easily complete everyday tasks from account opening to address change and will close with an update on our technology roadmap.


Jackson Financial - See the Whole Picture and Pursue Financial Freedom for Life


Morningstar, Inc. - Sustainable Investing: Myths, Momentum, and the Inevitable Truths

Having steadily gained momentum over the past decade, sustainable investing appears to be reaching a tipping point. As regulatory policies evolve and investors’ priorities continue to shift, advisors have a responsibility to address any impediments to adapting portfolios to meet their clients' preferences. Increased systematization of ESG factors and the frictionless integration of these factors with advisor tools creates an opportunity to elevate the client engagement process from a basic attempt to understand objectives, to a comprehensive interpretation of the holistic investor profile, including: risks, risk tolerance, goals, costs, and time horizons. Join us to continue rethinking the role advisor's play in the post-pandemic world.


ORION - New Client Portal Demo

Please join us as we demo of our new Client Portal.


Invesco - 2020 US Presidential Election: 10 Truths No Matter Who Wins

Coronavirus has upended the traditional cadence of an American presidential election year. Instead of endless focus on the presumptive candidates Joe Biden and President Trump, the news cycle has been largely dominated by talk of epidemiological curves and economic distress. 2020 is still an election year, however, and the campaigns will go on. While the election will have a momentous impact on the country, one area where we caution investors from drawing too many links to is the world of investing.

To put the impact of politics on investing into perspective, we created 10 Truths that Remain True No Matter Who Wins. Topics include:

  • common misperceptions about presidential politics and the economy
  • market performance and approval ratings
  • impact of signature legislative accomplishments isn’t always as expected


Goldman Sachs Personal Financial Management - FinLife: Taking Financial Planning to the Next Level

Steve Reder, Head of FinLife Distribution walks you through the FInLife platform and how it allows your clients to live the life they want while allowing you to optimize your business with dynamic and interactive planning.


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