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Client Experience: Engaging NEW & EXISTING BUSINESS
Carla Youngs, Ashley Valle

Learn how to unlock the potential of the Client Portal. In this session, we’ll show you how to generate leads for your business and develop an industry leading client experience.


The Interactive Meeting
LiaJean McHenry, Ryan Coburn

Whether you’re presenting pre-built plans or having your client take the lead — FlexGen advisors are using technology to connect and engage with their clients like never before. Join us to discover pro-tips and techniques that will bring your plans to life to millennials and baby-boomers alike.


Taxes in eMoney
Chris Beaver, Brandon Heid
, CFP®

Take an in-depth look at how taxes are handled in eMoney, including new features we’ve added for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, and discover new ways to customize your tax options and create compelling simulations.

Estate Planning
Chris Mauriello, Chase Hayhurst, CFP®

Learn how to create powerful estate plans in eMoney including insight into the best ways to model trusts and tips for creating impactful presentations.

Retirement Planning
Erin Derryberry, Amanda Gutierrez

The Retirement Plan is an essential for all advisors. In this session, we’ll demonstrate how to create a core retirement plan from start to finish. We’ll dive into best practices for entering client data, creating scenarios, and building a compelling client presentation.

Monte Carlo
Mikaela Rhoads, Matt Hadley
, CFP®

Join us for an in-depth look at the inner workings of the Monte Carlo simulation and learn best practices for presenting the results to your clients.


eMoney Best Practices
Melinda Ruth, Chelsea Maguire

Streamline your workflow with eMoney. Join us to uncover tools designed to create a seamless workflow and how to implement them in your office.

Technology Quality Assurance: Under the Covers
Chuan Au, Lori Henderson, Jaime McKeown

Have you or your clients ever wondered how eMoney is built? Go under the covers to see how the system is built, tested, and delivered to your fingertips seamlessly.

TRANG NGUYEN, Joshua bernard

Learn how to create a positive experience around connections. In this session, we’ll cover everything from setting the right expectations through onboarding to creating a streamlined troubleshooting process.


2018 Product Release Items
Ashley Valle, Hannah Tapley

Take a look back at all the new releases of 2018 and learn the tips, tricks, and best practices for integrating them into your workflow.

Marketing Track


Beyond Your Website: Optimizing Your Online Presence to Generate Leads
TJ Hill & Samantha Russell

Unleash the full power of your online presence. In this session, marketing experts from eMoney and Twenty Over Ten will demonstrate how you can optimize your digital marketing strategies to generate and convert quality leads.

BEYOND THE REFERRAL: How To Effectively Grow Your Business In A Digital Age

Are you still relying on cold calling and referrals to drive your new business growth? There’s a better way. Learn how to effectively grow your business in the digital age. Discover how forward-thinking advisors are leveraging the digital marketing funnel to grow their business.


BEYOND THE NEWSLETTER: Mastering Personalized Client Communications that Scale and Retain
Rachel Eccles & Brynn Dougherty

After months of attracting and nurturing your prospect, you finally land the client. Now you can focus exclusively on offering advice, right? While the advice you offer in client meetings is a crucial component of your offering, it’s also the moments between your in-person meetings that build trust and create loyal relationships with your clients. Join us as we discuss how you can build and retain a satisfied client-base by delivering thoughtful, scalable communications that provide value and elevate the client experience.


Product Feedback

Product Feedback: 3rd Party Integrations
Rob Aita

Is there an integration you’re looking for or would you like to add new functionality to an existing integration? Share you feedback with our eMoney’s Integration Product Development team.


Is the eMoney Client Portal an integral part of your offering? Share your feedback on the Client Portal with, Senior Product Manager, Brian Belisle to discover the why behind the eMoney client experience.


PRODUCT FEEDBACK: Aggregation and Connections
LARRY  Quillian

Questions about the API transition? Or looking for insight into aggregation? Share your feedback directly with Larry Quillian the Product Manager for eMoney’s Data Team in this session.



Do you have questions about eMoney’s planning features or have an idea for a new feature you’d like us to add? Sign up for this session to share your feedback directly with our Planning Product Manager, Matt Glazer.


Continuing Education


, CFP®

What happens when it's time to care for them like they cared for you? With the cost of long-term care on the rise, many of your clients not only lack insight into their parent’s financial health, but may not have time to properly plan for such a large ongoing expense. The cost of Long Term Care insurance along with nursing homes and assisted living facilities are on the rise and are only going to continue to increase. This session is going to cover different steps that your clients can take to prepare themselves and potentially decrease the total cost of caring for aging parents. It will also cover different options that can help your client if they find themselves in this situation and have not had time to financially prepare.


CE CREDIT: Life after First Death: Survivor Planning

As one of the few certainties in life, couples will inevitably experience the death of one spouse, most likely forcing the survivor to live on their own for potentially the first time in a very long time. This presentation will provide information about widowhood, the key factors and financial planning areas to focus upon, along with ideas on how to raise these questions/concerns with clients approaching potential life after first-death.


CE CREDIT: Getting to Know H.E.N.R.Y. — Planning Considerations for Affluent Millennials

Learn the important planning factors associated with H.E.N.R.Y. – a high income earner who is not yet rich. Often characterized as an affluent millennial client, who may not possess a great amount of wealth now, but has the potential to become a significant client in the future. Join us at this panel discussion to learn about the important planning factors associated with this demographic from industry-leading experts.


ce credit: Understanding and Utilizing Financial Data Aggregation in the Financial Planning Process
celeste Hernandez, Manager of Financial Planning, CFP

Learn about how to educate and guide your client through the use of data aggregation in the financial planning process and how it can enhance the advisor-client relationship. You will also learn about how different data aggregation methods work, data protection and security best practices, current regulatory and legislative conversations, and how to manage clients' concerns and set expectations about pros and cons of using connected third-party data.


CE CREDIT: Planning for the Long Haul: Addressing the Challenges of Longevity
Chris hershey, CFP
®, Steve Levis, SVP of Financial planning, CFP®

Retirement is changing, the time people are spending in their "golden years" is getting longer — creating unique challenges to financial planning. Discover new ways to give your clients peace of mind and help them make wise decisions about their futures.


CE CREDIT: Leveraging Technology across Client Life Stages

Take a step-by-step through the client lifecycle as we review how technology can address client needs throughout their financial lives. We’ll cover everything from accumulation to estate distribution we will provide information regarding four typical client personas, their planning needs, and how blending technology with financial guidance can lead to more effective and efficient financial plans.


CE CREDIT: impact investing
sarah gelfand

Women, millennials, and high-net-worth investors are leading the demand as they seek to align their money and values. With an estimated $8.72 trillion in the U.S. market alone, what does this mean for you as their trusted advisor? This session will focus on how to test the waters with impact investing and start to integrate it into your practice—translating a client preference for impact into practical portfolio strategies. Based on industry research, key insights, and best practices from top advisors, you’ll:
• Learn the background and trends related to impact investing
• Identify approaches and case studies to working with clients
• Be ready to act with a blueprint for building an impact strategy, best practices, and resources


CE CREDIT: family philanthropy
keita matsumoto

With an aging demographic and a changing wealth landscape, advisors must work with an entire family if they are to protect the legacy of their practice. Philanthropy is a great way to initiate meaningful dialogue between family members that will serve to deepen relationships with current and future clients. In this session, you will identify ways to leverage family philanthropy as a tool to engage and better serve clients and their families, while earning continuing education credit. Based on industry research, key insights, and best practices from top advisors, you’ll:
• Learn the benefits and importance of philanthropy when engaging with families
• Understand the most common family scenarios and underlying family dynamics advisors may have to navigate, presented through a series of case studies
• Take action with tips on how use philanthropy to engage clients and their families, including best practices for philanthropic planning


CE CREDIT: charitable planning essentials
Krystal Kiley, ryan boland

Did you know that virtually all high-net-worth clients give to charity annually, and the majority are looking to you to help them be more strategic? Discover how to incorporate charitable planning as part of a holistic wealth management offering, to deepen client engagement and build new relationships while meeting the growing demand for strategic philanthropic solutions. In this session you will learn the essentials you need to confidently facilitate charitable planning conversations with clients including:
• Charitable giving tax strategies
• Common charitable vehicles
• How to start a charitable conversation with clients
• Charitable planning best practices


CE CREDIT: Beyond Cash – Planning Strategies for Complex Charitable Contributions
karla valas

A thought-provoking presentation where attendees will learn about the growing trend of contributing complex assets, such as privately-held C-and S-Corp stock, limited partnership interests, and certain publicly-traded stock, to public charities. These can often be the most highly appreciated assets in a client's portfolio, and contributing them to charity can potentially minimize capital gains exposure.
Based on industry research, key insights, and best practices from top advisors, you’ll:
• Learn best practices from real life case studies
• Understand how to put complex assets to work as charitable contributions
• Be able to identify which assets to give and which vehicle to give them through

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