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emX provides basic, collaborative planning capabilities to support your expertise and help clients make more informed financial decisions. Each tool is easy-to-use, easy-to-follow, and easy-to-present, giving you more time to build trust in your client relationships.



Powerful Planning Made Simple 

Here are a few of the basic planning features that emX offers.


Efficient, time-saving planning modules you can share with clients

Collaborate with clients to reach their important goals

Identify the opportunities that will grow the success of your business

Offer clients a personal financial website branded to your business



Modular Needs Analysis

Wade into the waters of financial planning with a wide-range of concepts that follow a cash-flow methodology, including retirement, life insurance needs, estate planning, education, asset allocation, and more. In minutes, create compelling presentations and share them with clients.



Interactive Goal Planner

Go beyond the numbers and work together with clients to build and prioritize their important goals, such as funding retirement or paying a child’s education. Using straight-line math and Monte Carlo analysis, you can recommend the best options to help clients succeed and make adjustments in real-time.



Business Analytics

eMoney helps both advisors and firms harness the power of their “big data” to make well-informed business decisions. With a clear view into your client demographics, account holdings, client activity, and more, you can pinpoint strategic opportunities and create an action plan to grow your success.



Innovative Client Website

With access to eMoney’s award-winning client portal, you can deliver the tech-driven experience your clients crave. And because information flows between the advisor and client sides of eMoney, feeding your financial plans with the best data available, you’ll save yourself time in the data gathering and plan-building processes.



emX includes all the robust features available with emX Select



  • Powerful Aggregation Engine: Gain a consolidated view of your clients’ full financial pictures, including assets held away.

  • Deep Third-Party Integrations: Sync emX with the financial apps and software you use every day to create an efficient technology hub.

  • Unlimited Document Storage: Access important client documents and statements from anywhere.

  • And more!


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