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New Plan Summary Report 

Available November 3rd, we're adding a highly requested report for both Advanced Planning and Foundational Planning users that provides a concise summary of key details regarding a client's financial plan.

The Plan Summary Report provides your clients with a breakdown of the essential information regarding their plan, including:

  • Plan Metrics - The top of the report will feature three tiles that explain the overall plan metrics, including the:
    • Probability of success
    • Total portfolio assets available
    • Age assets last until (client/spouse)
  • Net Worth and Asset Allocation - Displays the total assets, liabilities, and net worth, while also displaying the out of estate assets and the selected plan's asset allocation at a high level.
  • Goals and Expenses - Includes all the goals and expenses for the chosen plan with their values and probability of success.
  • Fact Details - This section will consist of all facts related to:
    • Income
    • Savings and contributions
    • Insurance policies (citing the coverage of the client and spouse for the chosen plan)

The Plan Summary Report is accessible next month in the Reports area > All Reports > Plan Summary Report.

Note: If Monte Carlo is turned off, Probability of Success metrics will convert to Percent Funded


Distribution Center accessible only through Decision Center

As part of our strategic vision to make Decision Center the industry's most comprehensive and interactive planning experience, earlier this year, we added all of our interactive estate planning reports to the Decision Center.

With this update, we streamlined how you navigate between a cash-flow and estate planning conversation by removing the need to switch back and forth between the Decision Center and Distribution Center.

To continue to provide you with a more seamless, interactive, and engaging experience, we will be making the Decision Center your main hub to continue to access estate planning reports. Thus, the Distribution Center green access tile on the Plans page will be removed by December 2020.

It's important to note that with this change, we're merely aligning all access to the interactive estate planning reports through the Decision Center and you will not lose any estate planning functionality.

How to access estate planning reports in the Decision Center:

Open the Decision Center and click on the Selected Report drop-down menu. Then, click Estate Planning to launch the reports.


Once selected, you can easily switch your view between Estate Flow ChartsCompare Distributions, and Compare Survivor Income with the Viewing drop-down menu.

Stay tuned for more enhancements to the Decision Center as we begin to unify the full breadth and depth of eMoney's planning capabilities.


New Knowledge Base Resources Added for eMoney Admin Users

Later this year, we're adding new Knowledge Base resources for eMoney Admin users. These new resources provide real-time answers to essential questions regarding eMoney Admin features and will be available within the Admin dashboard.

This includes step-by-step guidance in the form of how-tos that show—not tell—you how to navigate their admin access and complete critical tasks within the tool.

The eMoney Admin user role provides offices with the tools needed to independently manage the administrative and managerial-level functionality. The Knowledge Base resources will be available to the following licensed users:

  • Admin
  • Managers
  • Compliance

Check out a preview of some of these helpful new resources below.


Connections Dashboard Update - By Institution View

This August, we enhanced the Connections Dashboard adding new connections status information, search, and filtering capabilities.

Now, we're enhancing it further by adding the ability to sort connections By Institution View. This view of the Connections Dashboard provides advisors a health summary of the data flow from each institution—increasing transparency around the root cause of data flow issues from a specific institution and providing insight into the number of clients impacted by the problem.

Institution health is categorized as either Working—which means data flow is working as expected, Warning —there is an institution specific message on this connection, Incident—or Incident there is a problem with data flow from the institution that affects the ability to retrieve the latest account information.

The new filters allow the advisor to select institution types and institution status.

You can display additional details on an institution with a Warning by expanding the More button for that institution.

Stay tuned for even more connections-related enhancements!


Cash Equivalent Account Type Renamed to Cash Alternative

Based on user feedback and to provide clarity around this account type, we're renaming the Cash Equivalent account type to Cash Alternatives.

When this change goes into effect it will be reflected everywhere Cash Equivalents are referenced on both the Advisor and Client Portals.


New Client Portal Help Resources for Connections and Budgeting

To provide additional support for clients where they need it most, we've added new resources to the Client Portal to address common questions about connections and the spending and budgeting tool.

Connections Help Resources, available through the Help menu on the Client Portal, is an interactive FAQ that provides essential details related to connections, such as how to connect your accounts or manage your connections.

Within the interactive guide, your client will also find information on the different types of connections errors and how to resolve them.

There's even a new 'help me troubleshoot this error button that appears when a connection goes into an error status that—when clicked—will launch the appropriate resource within the Connections Help Resources.

These exciting new resources will provide your clients with much-needed context around the type of error and, when applicable, the steps to resolve the error independently. These new support resources will increase your client's ability to self-serve and fix connection-related issues without the need for your direct support.

In addition to the new connections resources, we've added a Spending and Budgeting FAQ to the Help menu resources.

Here we answer some common client questions regarding transaction data, and provide detailed answers to critical questions related to the budgeting tool like recategorizing or excluding transactions.


The Spending and Budgeting FAQ provides your clients with the resources they need to better understand and manage their spending and budgets within the eMoney Client Portal.


Compliance Videos Available within Advisor Branded Marketing

The existing Advisor Branded Marketing Compliance website will shut down on September 30.

The compliance collateral available through this site (e.g. existing compliance videos, storyboards, and documentation) is now available in-app. 

Here's how it works

Simply log into Advisor Branded Marketing and locate the video you need to submit for compliance review. Click in to the video and you'll find a new option Compliance Video option that allows you to download or share a watermarked compliance version of the video.