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2019 eMoney Summit Sessions

Main Stage | Breakouts | Continuing Education | Partner Breakouts


Main Stage

The Heart of Advice, Ed O’Brien
What makes a truly exceptional client experience? CEO Ed O'Brien unveils the results of our recent research on the application of both art and science in financial planning in order to achieve the most successful outcomes for clients and firms. See how clients like yours define a valued experience, and the impact on advisors capably delivering those experiences.

eMoney Product Vision, Jess Liberi
The eMoney product strategy is built on logic and creativity and propelled through innovation. Head of Product, Jess Liberi, will share our roadmap, which is inspired by your feedback and is focused on building solutions to deliver that exceptional client experience.

Mapping the Future of the Advice Industry, Mike Durbin
Mike Durbin, Head of Fidelity Institutional, shares perspectives on the wealth management industry and how firms can align for growth.

The Subscription Economy: A Once in a Century Business Model Shift, Tien Tzuo and Megan Murray
We're at a pivotal moment in business history, one not seen since the Industrial Revolution: the end of product ownership as we know it. Now we subscribe to services. And not just streaming services like Netflix and Spotify—even industrial firms like Ford and Caterpillar and retailers like Walmart provide subscription services. So how can your business survive and thrive in the new economy?
Tien’s, CEO/Founder of Zuora, riveting TED style talk will be followed by a fireside chat led by eMoney’s Head of Finance, Megan Murray, where he’ll share additional insights and tales from the trenches to show how your company within the financial services industry can prosper, as subscription companies are growing revenues 5 times faster than S&P company revenues.

#Neuroselling: The Brain Science Secrets of Persuasion, Influence, & Non-Coercive Compliance, Dr. Brynn Winegard
Being a good at sales of any kind means winning the person - their heart, mind, brain, and most importantly, their subconscious. Getting people to buy your products, services, ideas, agenda or even just gain their favor means getting another's subconscious on-side. Neuroselling investigates the ways people really process information during a conversation or sales pitch. Surprising facts? Others aren't processing you or the information you are presenting with consciousness, logic, rationality, or language: instead the brain works on subconscious, social, emotional, and image-based impulses. What do you need to know and how can you tap into this in order to be more effective at all you do, including and especially sales?

The Happiness Advantage: Linking Positive Brains to Performance, Shawn Achor
Most companies and schools follow this formula: if you work harder, you will be more successful, and then you will be happy. This formula is scientifically backward. A decade of research shows that training your brain to be positive at work first actually fuels greater success second. In fact, 75% of our job success is predicted not by intelligence, but by your optimism, social support network and the ability to manage energy and stress in a positive way. By researching top performers at Harvard, the world’s largest banks, and Fortune 500 companies, Shawn discovered patterns which create a happiness advantage for positive outliers—the highest performers at the company. Based on his new book, The Happiness Advantage (September 2010 from Random House), Shawn explains what positive psychology is, how much we can change, and practical applications for reaping the Happiness Advantage in the midst of change and challenge.

Applying Behavioral Finance in Your Financial Planning Practice, Michael Kitces
An increasing volume of research is making clear what financial planners have long known – that clients do not always act in a purely rational manner. But it’s one thing to recognize that clients sometimes make irrational decisions, and another to really understand what drives those decisions and how to help clients avoid the most damaging mistakes. In this session, advisors will learn what the behavioral finance research has shown about our not-always-rational decision-making process, and how to consider making adjustments to the delivery of their financial planning services to help clients achieve more desirable outcomes through better communication and enhanced trust.

Heart to Heart: How You Can Differentiate
How are your peers anticipating client needs and preemptively exceeding them? Hear how four firms are staying one step ahead by delivering exceptional client experiences and leave this session with actionable insights to help you do the same.

True Grit: The Surprising, and Inspiring, Science of Success, Angela Duckworth
Who succeeds in life? In this talk, Angela Duckworth presents her influential work on grit—the tendency to pursue long-term goals with perseverance and passion. She describes the predictive power of grit for performance in a variety of fascinating contexts. Duckworth has studied groups like the West Point cadets, National Spelling Bee competitors, rookie teachers, students from the Chicago Public Schools—all people performing in high-stress environments—to look at the correlation between grit and achievement. Drawing from these examples, and others, Duckworth explains what makes gritty individuals different from others, and, shares her belief that grit “can be instilled and cultivated by anyone, anywhere, and at any time in life.”


Adopt Best Practices for Success
No need to guess! We know how you can leverage the eMoney platform and services for the most positive impact. Learn how the best of the best are using Branding, Analytics, ABM, Lead Capture, and more to create positive change within their firms.

Build and Present a Complex Retirement Plan
Your clients' feelings about retirement can be just as complex as their plans. Learn how to use our Advanced Planning solutions to present a plan that builds confidence and trust.

Deepen Your Client Relationships
Your clients will choose you and continue to choose you if the client experience meets their needs. In this session we will show you how simple it can be to build impactful relationships with your clients by customizing and promoting use of our client tools.

Ensure the Accuracy of Tax Projections
Take an in-depth look at how taxes are handled within eMoney. This session will cover your customization options and how we incorporate new tax laws into the platform.

Estate Planning: Take Care of What Matters Most to Your Clients
Take a detailed look into the entire estate planning process within eMoney, including tips on how to model trusts and build your presentations.

Find New Customers by Mastering SEO & Transforming Your Digital Presence
Digital marketing is raising the competitive bar in the financial planning industry. Firms with strong search engine optimization (SEO) attract more prospects online, giving them an exclusive opportunity to acquire new customers through outstanding digital experiences. In this session, eMoney and Twenty Over Ten marketing experts will show you how to improve your digital presence and take advantage of this opportunity to increase customer acquisition levels.

Find the Ideal Data Partner
Among the many considerations when choosing a technology partner, the areas surrounding risk require serious attention. In this session we'll look at topics like cybersecurity, privacy, risk management, and insurance to help define what you should look for when selecting providers whose capabilities align with your priorities.

Foundational Planning: Deliver More Plans to More People
Have you seen our newest planning experience, Foundational Planning? This session will walk you through our streamlined planning tool, showcasing how you can service even more clients while remaining efficient.

Help Your Clients Choose the Right Time to Retire
Learn how to leverage tools like dynamic time periods for life events and compare options for Social Security benefits to empower your clients to make informed decisions about their retirement plans.

Leverage Reports to Solve Problems
Learn how to use the suite of eMoney's cash flow reports to diagnose and troubleshoot issues within your clients' financial plans.

Not ALL Press is Good Press
PR can raise awareness of your business, while increasing your credibility in the industry. But it takes time and creativity to secure press that makes an impact. This session breaks down how to cultivate relationships with reporters, write a press release, develop pitches, and distinguish yourself as an expert or thought leader. Ultimately, you’ll learn how to create news that is worth sharing.

Set Your Marketing Campaigns to Autopilot
Marketing automation delivers more than just time back in your day. An improved customer experience and an increase in high-quality leads are just some of the benefits. Join us for an inside look at how you can automate reoccurring tasks to attract new business, nurture leads, and optimize productivity.

Show Your Clients the Impact of Their Decisions
Some topics are better addressed with the eye than the ear. Our interactive tools turn decisions into visuals. Learn how to use them to facilitate planning discussions with your clients and show how decisions made today will impact them down the road.

Stop the Insanity Cycle and Start Speaking Your Client’s Language
You are a dedicated, competent finance professional. You have built strong relationships with your clients over years of hard work and commitment. Yet despite proven forecasting technologies and numerous calculations, some clients overwhelmingly can’t get comfortable with not knowing the future. If only there was a way to move past the numbers and get to the root of the issue. That’s where we come in… Tiffany Rosetti, CFP and Adrienne Criste, LMSW from Atlanta-based Behavioral Wealth Management firm JOYN will conduct an interactive workshop on how JOYN blends wealth management and behavioral science to enhance the overall all client experience. Attendees will gain:

  • Tactical information and actionable example of Behavioral Wealth Management to improve current client interactions
  • Lessons learned from integrating behavioral science into financial planning operations
  • Enhanced perspective of the future of our industry

Understand the How and Why of Monte Carlo Simulations
This session will dive into the assumptions behind eMoney’s Monte Carlo. Learn how to incorporate it into your planning process and the best practices for sharing results with your clients.

Unlock the ROI of Your Marketing
You rely on your website, social media, and email to attract new clients, but how do you measure success? This session will explore marketing analytics to help you prioritize tactics, create better content, and deliver your greatest ROI.

Continuing Education

CFP Board Ethics (2 Credits)
This program fulfills the requirement for CFP Board approved Ethics CE. It has been designed to educate CFP® professionals on CFP Board's new Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct effective October 1, 2019. At the end of the course, participants will be equipped to: Identify the structure and content of the revised Code and Standards, including significant changes and how the changes affect CFP® professionals; Act in accordance with CFP Board's fiduciary duty; Apply the Practice Standards when providing Financial Planning; Recognize situations when specific information must be provided to a Client; Recognize and avoid, or fully disclose and manage, Material Conflicts of Interest.

Advisor, Know Thyself (1 Credit)
The heart of the advisor directly correlates to the heart of advice. By using the Myers-Briggs framework to understand your personality, you’ll discover how to work with different clients and become a better communicator and advisor.

APIs 101: Data Aggregation and Data Risk Management in Financial Planning (1 Credit)
Learn how data aggregation in the financial planning process can enhance the advisor-client relationship. You will also learn what an API is, how different data aggregation methods work, and how to manage clients’ concerns and set expectations about the pros and cons of using connected third-party data. This course will also cover data protection and security best practices, and current regulatory and legislative conversations.

Artificial Intelligence and Planning (1 Credit)
This session will examine the current and future application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to financial planning. As you learn how to balance AI with conventional thinking, you’ll be better prepared to make decisions on your financial tech stack and understand its impact on the client experience.

A Guide for Charitable Giving (1 Credit)
Many clients have philanthropic inclinations, but don't know where to start. This session will address how advisors can bring up charitable giving topics with clients and determine an overall mission, so that a plan to balance goals for today and tomorrow can be put in place.

Cybercrime: How to Recognize the Threats and Be Your Own Best Defense (1 Credit)
The cost of cybercrime is estimated to reach $6 trillion by the year 2021, representing the biggest transfer of wealth in the history of the world and leaving behind great damage to individuals, families, and businesses. In this session, you’ll learn how to become a smaller target by having corporate policies and a required response plan, systems for recognizing phishing attempts and other social engineering methods used to steal clients’ identities, and how you can be your client’s best resource and partner if they or their children become a victim of identity theft.

Eight Things Every Financial Advisor Should Know About the Sale of a Privately Held Business (1 Credit)
This breakout session will focus on the eight essential items that every financial planner who works with business owners who are considering the sale of a business should be aware of. Discussion topics will focus on pre-transaction financial planning, as well as the actual sale process. Speaker Daniel Fan will review financial planning opportunities that arise in selling a family business, including helping business owners evaluate the pros and cons of selling, and quantifying the possible income and estate tax implications of the transaction. Speaker Allan Siposs will discuss the actual sale process, including steps that should be taken to prepare a business for sale, key transaction opportunities and pitfalls that every business owner should be aware of, and an overview of key steps that should be employed to help ensure a transaction outcome that meets or exceeds your client’s objectives.

Guiding Clients Through Market Volatility (1 Credit)
This course will cover important aspects of helping clients navigate through market volatility and economic uncertainty: managing client expectations, best practices for managing clients' reactions and behaviors, and properly communicating with clients about their investments. Factors that impact investment risk and suitability of investments for clients will also be addressed.

How "Well" Can Your Clients Retire? (1 Credit)
So many expectations and emotions impact the practical decisions needed to plan for a well-rounded retirement. This course will cover managing needs, wants, wishes, and realistic and non-realistic retirement expectations. It will help you facilitate conversations that empower your clients to get the most out of retirement without taking unnecessary risk and how to obtain or keep a healthy retirement nest egg and leave a legacy. This will include a focus on showing the value of planning for clients who are expecting to have money left over.

Providing Hope and Support in Anticipation of Divorce (1 Credit)
Despite sensitive and emotional times in clients' lives, you still need to be able to provide practical guidance for them. Learn how to help your client navigate the loss of a partner through divorce, with a focus on the resources you can provide them and recommended advice to share. This will include areas of change such as the division of assets, primary residence options, insurance concerns, and retirement plans.

Smashing Student Loan Debt (1 Credit)
In this session we will explore the best strategies for student loan repayment. When building a strong financial plan, several options need to be taken into consideration, like tax preparation for loan forgiveness or refinancing outside the federal system. Tips for maximizing both the pay-slow and the refinance-and-pay-quickly processes will also be discussed.

The Four Money Bears and Other Rules of Thumb (1 Credit)
Parents want to provide a strong financial knowledge early to their children to foster success in the future. Learn how to best help them with this overview on teaching financial literacy for young adults and children. The course will include tools, exercises, and resources to explain financial literacy and examples of conversations for advisors to facilitate with client parents and children.

The Heart of Money: Supporting Couples to Create a Life of Financial Harmony (1 Credit)
This session will look at the role that money plays in a couple’s relationship. Learn methods for helping clients understand their relationship with money as a couple, how to defeat money anxiety, and how to transform their relationship with money into one of ease and abundance.

Understanding the New CFP Board Standard of Conduct on Technology (1 Credit)
Learn about the role of an advisor and any technology providers’ in meeting the new CFP Board Standard of Conduct “Duties When Selecting, Using, and Recommending Technology”. We will break down the meaning of this new standard, understand its implications, and offer best practices when selecting, using, and recommending technology to support financial planning engagements while adhering to the fiduciary duty to clients.

Partner Breakouts

Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions - Advisor as CEO: Putting Asset Managers and Technology Providers to Work for You
As advisors continue to focus on client relationships and financial planning, many are leveraging low cost and free solutions from asset managers and technology firms to help manage the money. This session will provide insights on...

  • Unique Fidelity research from nearly 20,000 portfolio construction engagements with financial advisors
  • Growth of model marketplaces embedded within core advisor desktop technology packages (risk tools, rebalancing tools, etc.)
  • Breadth of model portfolio offerings from asset managers
  • How to Identify opportunities to outsource money manage while maintaining a level of control and customization for clients
  • Fidelity Investment Ideas for advisors who want to continue as “CIO”

Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions - Examples of Excellence
This program outlines specific approaches to help advisors delight clients and prospects through the experiences they deliver. Topics include:

  • Best practice examples from inside/outside the industry
  • Client segmentation
  • Client communications
  • Creating impactful moments
  • Hosting meaningful events
  • Engaging centers of influence

Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions - Planning to Action: A Unified Approach
Advisors with a planning mindset understand the power of helping investors align their wealth management with their goals. But how do those plans integrate with the broader investment strategy? This dynamic panel session will examine how to build a holistic approach to providing consultative advice that ties directly to how you trade and manage assets, including:

  • Defining a unified engagement model
  • Tying investment plans to portfolios
  • Plan-driven trading and work flow efficiencies
  • Goal-aligned monitoring and reporting
  • The role of digital advice

Fidelity Charitable - Smart Philanthropy: 5 planning strategies every advisor should know
With today’s market and new tax laws in play, you have a significant opportunity to align your clients’ financial and philanthropic goals. This session will provide practical strategies to:

  • Maximize your clients’ giving with tax-smart assets
  • Implement strategies like bunching for clients impacted by the increased standard deduction
  • Identify opportunities for clients to accelerate giving in a high-income year
  • Align portfolio rebalancing with charitable giving
  • Engage the next generation through family giving conversations

United Capital - Enhanced Data Aggregation to Power Comprehensive Financial Planning
Building a client’s financial plan requires the accuracy, integrity, and security of the underlying data for the ideal result. Learn how financial planners aggregate client portfolio data from cash to fixed income to private holdings using modern data aggregation technology to provide their clients with a reconciled, 360 degree view of their assets.

Addepar - Ensuring Data Integrity for During Financial Planning
Building a client’s financial plan requires the accuracy, integrity, and security of the underlying data for the ideal result. Learn how financial planners aggregate client portfolio data from cash to fixed income to private holdings using modern technologies to provide clients strategic for planning their financial future.

BNY Mellon | Pershing - Increasing Advisor Productivity Through Digitization
We are seeing profound change in the wealth management industry, including the changing demographics and expectations in both advisors and the clients they serve. In this session, we will explore key practice management and digitization trends that are improving the way advisors automate their practices and better serve their clients.

BlackRock - BlackRock’s Retirement Income Framework and iRetire
Join Ross Znavor, Managing Director, Head of Commercialization from BlackRock’s Aladdin Wealth Tech business to hear a session about the Retirement Income Framework and technology powering iRetire. Additionally, this session will cover positioning points around financial planning, models / advisory, and the importance of having action oriented conversations with clients around their #1 goal, retirement and retirement income.

Carson Group - How Marketing & The Client Experience Are Growing Advisory Firms Today
When you think of the best brands in the world today who are consistently gaining new market share and delighting their clients/customers, they all have one thing in common: they’ve nailed the digital client experience. They use it not only to draw in new business but also to continuously raise the engagement and loyalty of their existing clients. In this session, join Jud Mackrill, Carson’s CMO, and Andrew Rogers, Advisor Solutions Director, as they lay out how to build an A to Z digital experience and process that draws in clients while simultaneously gives advisors the information and detail they need to craft an amazing plan and experience for their clients.

EPAM - Digitalization 2.0, What is next in Asset and Wealth Management?
The Industry is nearing the end of the digitalization hype-cycle, and many players are in the “through of disillusionment”. A good time to take a critical look back and see where the budgets where spent and whether the digital initiatives delivered the ROI that they promised. We believe that in the first wave, companies have mainly invested in channel and experience creation whilst the underlying capabilities and value chain remained largely untouched. At the same time we believe that the actual benefits will come with the second wave, that will deemphasize pure channel and window-dressing projects but concentrate on streamlining the underlying value chain, creating new differentiating capabilities that will enable innovative new product and service offerings. We will try to give concrete answers to the “What´s next” question and show 4 examples of digital investments that we believe will deliver benefits to both the Industry and the clients.

  • Emotionalized quantitative Investment Management
  • Hyper Personalization
  • Industrializing the Advisory Value Chain
  • Alternative Investments, Asset Tokenization and Crypto-Asset Management

Jackson National - Purpose Meets Planning
Not all financial plans are created equal. It’s easy to conflate a high probability of success with a positive client experience. To deliver success in terms investors can understand, advisors must go beyond a singular focus on Monte Carlo trials by addressing goals AND concerns of clients. This presentation shows how adding guaranteed income to a financial plan can potentially create more predictable outcomes and deliver a more referable client experience.

Lifeyield - Help Clients Make and Keep More with the Taxficient Score®
Is your practice tax-smart and risk-smart? LifeYield is the first and only firm to create the Taxficient Score® -- a 0-100 scoring system that shows clients and prospects: the tax-efficiency of their household portfolio regardless of where it's held; how to improve the score; and, quantifies the improved results in dollars and cents. Learn how LifeYield is working with eMoney to help advisors increase their clients tax-efficiency. Plus, hear how top producers are growing their practice by showing clients and prospects the significant potential for tax reduction while differentiating their practice and increasing asset consolidation.

Morningstar - Better Together- Morningstar and eMoney
For 35 years, Morningstar has been dedicated to supporting financial advisors in reaching client goals. In this presentation, Blain Hefty, product manager for Morningstar Office, will walk through the various ways Morningstar and eMoney have integrated to make giving great advice a more seamless experience.

TD Ameritrade - Elevating the Client Experience
Client experience has become a new front in the battle for clients and new assets. In order to remain competitive, your firm needs to stand out. But how can you make that happen? An elevated client experience is your opportunity to make a lasting impression... and drive client loyalty. More than two-thirds of senior-level marketers say their companies compete mostly on the basis of client experience, according to a recent Gartner Customer Experience in Marketing Survey. As more and more businesses adopt this strategy for growth, how will you stand out?





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